Sponsors enable our students to engage in real world problem solving and learn how to cooperate as they explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics firsthand. NRG would not be such a thriving and successful community without sponsor contributions.


We want to make robotics accessible to all students but things can get expensive. We needed 100,000 dollars to fully pay for our transportation, food, competition fees, and building the robot last year, so every dollar counts.


We can’t build a robot without materials. Whether its tools, robot parts, craft supplies, or even food, in-kind donations are always helpful to our team.


NRG is a high school robotics club. Our members don't quite have the know-how to build robots on their own. Whether you are a programmer, electrician, or business professional, you can help us out by mentoring students.

CONTACT US TO BECOME A SPONSOR @ newportrobotics@gmail.com

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