Promote your company to a large audience of engineering companies and hobbyists

while supporting our students in exploring and teaching STEM firsthand.

Audience of 10,000+ engineers

Participating as mentors, organizers,

and competitors in FIRST WA

Be displayed at 10+ events

Minimum of 2 competitions, 3 fundraisers,

and 5 community outreach events



Each year, we need around $100,000 to cover transportation costs, meals, competition fees, and more. We want to make robotics accessible to all students, regardless of income. You can support our mission by donating here.


Gathering the various robot parts, tools, craft supplies, and more are essential to the robot-building process. We rely on in-kind donations to keep our team going.


As a high school robotics club, our members learn crucial STEM skills from adult mentors and professionals. We are always looking for more volunteers to help guide our team.


(We're happy to add additional benefits or modify the ones below - reach us at business@nrg948.com)

Network with companies and hobbyists:

FIRST is supported by engineers who are likely looking for your solutions to their problems. At NRG, you will be exposed to a collection of companies such as Boeing and their employees who serve as sponsors and mentors

Establish a positive company image:

Representation as a sponsor or mentor of community events allows NRG to inspire STEM in K-12 youth and involve the community in projects such as promoting accessible STEm activities, curriculum, and credits at the state and school district level

LOGO placement:

By sponsoring NRG or mentoring as a representative of a company, your logo will be placed on our robots, merch (team T-shirts, sweatshirts), in our competition station, and website

Our current sponsors