NRG 948 is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring students and our community to learn more about STEM. We build robots to compete in competitions throughout the year and host robotics summer camps for elementary and middle school students. Our team tries its best to continue this program, but fees for competition, equipment, etc. get quite expensive so your donations are essential to our team. 

Instructions to Donate

Thank you for donating to Newport Robotics!

Your Donations Contribute To:

Robot Parts - we need enough tools, parts, and equipment to build two new robots every year.

Practice Game Field - we build a new field replicating the real one at competition and share the space with other local robotics teams.

Competition fees - travel, food, and entry fees for students to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition.  

Student scholarships - we want to make robotics as accessible as possible to all students. 

Outreach programs - we host workshops and participate in parades to educate younger kids and our community about STEM.

Donation Tiers



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Promoted at Outreach

Invited to yearly banquet



Bronze Benefits

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Silver Benefits

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Highest Publicity Placement

Special Promotion Partnership

Opportunity to speak at banquet